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Vendi o trova auto usate a basso costo a partire da $ 1000, $ 2000, $ 5000 o meno negli Stati Uniti * ♣

Compatibile con PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

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✔ Post multiple used cars for sale - no limit time✔ Used cars for sale by owners mostly✔ New faster & more stable server✔ Dealers welcome✔ Dark layout,... [Mostra altro]

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Cheap Cars Finder is a search platform developed to help low-income people to find affordable used cars for sale (SUVs, pickups, minivans, etc.) near you live.... [Mostra altro]

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Scarica Cheap Cars For Sale, Find or Sell Yours e installa su PC Windows 7/8/10 e Mac

In questo post, ti mostrerò come installare Cheap Cars For Sale, Find or Sell Yours su PC Windows utilizzando BlueStacks e NoxPlayer.

Prima di iniziare, dovrai scaricare il file di installazione apk, puoi trovare il pulsante di download nella parte superiore di questa pagina. Salvalo in una posizione facile da trovare.

Di seguito troverai una guida dettagliata passo passo, ma voglio darti una rapida panoramica di come funziona. Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno è un emulatore che emuli un dispositivo Android sul tuo PC Windows e quindi puoi installare applicazioni e usarlo - vedi che stai effettivamente giocando su Android, ma questo non funziona su uno smartphone o un tablet, funziona su un PC.

Se non funziona sul tuo PC o non puoi installarlo, commenta qui e ti aiuteremo!

  1. Utilizzando BlueStacks
  2. Utilizzando NoxPlayer
Guida passo passo per installare Cheap Cars For Sale, Find or Sell Yours utilizzando BlueStacks
  1. Scarica e installa BlueStacks da:
  2. Apri il file apk: fai doppio clic sul file apk per avviare BlueStacks e installare l'applicazione. Se il tuo file apk non si apre automaticamente BlueStacks, fai clic con il tasto destro su di esso e seleziona Apri con ... Sfoglia fino a BlueStacks. Puoi anche trascinare il file apk sulla schermata principale di BlueStacks
  3. Dopo l'installazione, fai clic su Esegui per aprire, funziona a meraviglia: D.
Come installare Cheap Cars For Sale, Find or Sell Yours su PC Windows utilizzando NoxPlayer
  1. Scarica e installa NoxPlayer da: L'installazione è facile.
  2. Trascina il file apk su Nox e rilascialo. Apparirà il File Manager. Fare clic sul pulsante Apri cartella XXX sotto il segno del file che diventa blu.
  3. Quindi sarai in grado di installare l'apk che hai appena scaricato dal tuo computer su Nox o spostare / copiare il file in altre posizioni in Nox.

(*) È necessario

Versione precedente
✔ Post multiple used cars for sale - no limit time
✔ Used cars for sale by owners mostly
✔ New faster & more stable server
✔ Dealers welcome
✔ Dark layout, good for your eyes & phone battery
✔ Instant push notifications
✔ 24/7 same-day 'human' support
✔ Tools for sellers to edit ads, profile, reply leads, edit photos, add profile photo, check stats
🔍 Zoomable photos
✔ Save favorite cars
✔ Share cars via WhatsApp

June 05, 2020

✔ Post used cars for sale for unlimited time. Dealerships welcome too!
➤ Fixed "Server Down" bug on Android 9 phones.
➤ Android will require CAMERA permission to post photos in ads.
✔ Sort search results by miles distance, price, year, model, etc.
✔ Sellers panel to edit/remove ads, reply leads, add/remove photos, profile photo, check stats, etc.
🔍 Finger-zoom in-out of photos.
✔ Save favorite cars and share them with friends.
✔ Instant and email notifications of leads.

March 10, 2019

♣ Post multiple used cars for sale, quickly, no logins or previous sign up required.
↔ Sort car search results by distance, price, year, model, etc.
♣ "Seller Tools" to edit/remove ads, reply inquiries, add/remove photos, profile pic, check stats, etc.
♣ Instant email and notifications of inquiries sent by buyers.
🔍 Zoom in-out photos.
♣ Save favorite cars and share best deals with friends via WhatsApp, email, text msg, Facebook or by copy-pasting a link.
♣ Improved functionality.

Cheap Cars Finder is a search platform developed to help low-income people to find affordable used cars for sale (SUVs, pickups, minivans, etc.) near you live.

Over 1-MILLION +1/2 downloads in USA!

If you’re selling cars at a low price, i.e. under $1000 $2000 or for less than $5000, feel free to post FREE CLASSIFIED ADS for unlimited time. The process is pretty easy on just one page and no previous sign up is required. The only requisite is one photo of the car and your ad will be automatically approved. Dealerships welcome.

What you need to know before using the app

Real cheap cars? 1st thing you need to know is that app doesn’t do miracles. If you’re searching for used cars in "like-new" condition for $5000 or less and 1-3 years old, this isn’t the app to find them.

App's purpose is helping users to find used cars from $500 up to $5000, which is our range for cheap cars, but please, keep in mind that some cars at these prices may need some work, have normal wear or high mileage, even though, we can assure that, according to their sellers, many of them run well and for some that’s enough.

Also, although app encourages sellers to post cars for sale on this price range, it isn't mandatory or forced. Keep also in mind that CHEAP is an ambiguous/subjective word that relies on the budget and overall condition of the car, having the last word, a personal test drive, and inspection, things that APP hasn’t a way to do by itself.

APP requests to sellers to post as much as they can detailed information about the overall condition of cars so buyers may have an idea if it worth the price or not, but again, a personal test drive will have the last word. Never pay money for a car you haven’t tested/checked by yourself first. You can also always contact the seller to request more information which is the correct way to start the negotiation.

Low inventory. APP isn’t a Silicon Valley-funded and service is totally FREE, so the budget to market it across the country is limited. Some users complain about the low inventory and we understand and apologize about it, so please, give it some time, we're trying as much as we can to make it known and discoverable. APP doesn’t use automatic data feeds provided by street dealerships and their marketing networks which is the way bigger car finder apps work to provide millions of listings. Cheap Cars Finder APP relies more on used cars posted by their owners, at lower or cheaper prices that dealers may not be able to offer.

Just give it a try, if you find something you like it, awesome! but if you don’t, you can try another site/APP, that’s how searching online works. Whining, retaliating, or leaving a negative review, doesn’t help at all.

Outdated ads. A common issue among sellers is they forget to remove their cars once they’re sold given that APP allows to list them for unlimited time (some fixer-upper cars needs more than the usual time to get sold), so that’s why we do really appreciate that you use the [REPORT AD] option in case you find a sold car instead of leaving a negative review. Reporting helps more.


♣ Find cheap cars by zip code (distance), make & model, body style, USA state or price range
♣ Post and manage multiple used cars on the same account
♣ Sort search results by distance, price, year, mileage, model, etc
♣ Receive instant notifications sent by possible buyers
♣ Dark layout good for your eyes and phone battery life
♣ Expandable images (zoom-in-out)
♣ Seller tools to check stats, edit profile, remove/edit ads, etc
♣ Share best deals with friends © 2007-2020

Objective and constructive reviews are welcome and appreciated.

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